FALEA – The Menace of Uranium MINING

The Berlin conference held in 1884/1885 drew the borders and organized the distribution of the African continent as we currently know it. Today
MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS hold the rights to and collect the riches of Africa’s arable land and resources, including the uranium of Falea which is to be exploited by ROCKGATE CAPITAL CORPORATION.

You see an  OVERVIEW MAP of mining concessions for exploration, prospecting, research and exploitation rights granted in the Region of Kéniéba (Falea).

Delta Exploration (Uranium) – stated below on the map – has been integrated into ROCKGATE CAPITAL CORP. Actually  – since 17thof January 2014 the owner of Rockgate Capital Corp is DENISON.

You can download here a short and illustrated overview on what happens in   FALEA – The Menace of Uranium MINING . It is a PDF document.

Falea nail