Uranium, Health and Environment

International Conference in Bamako 2012

A conference of the international association of medical doctors, IPPNW-International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, in cooperation with
ARACF – Association des Ressortissants et Amis de la Commune de Falea (Association of Inhabitants and Friends of the Municipality of Falea), Mali and,  Germany was organised in Bamako March 16th, to Sunday March 18th, 2012.
Monday and Tuesday, March 19th and 20th particpants of the conference visited Falea and the project of uranium mining. Wednesday, back in Bamako: the revolt of members of the malian army.

This documentary film was realised by Shri Prakash from India. More than sixty inhabitants from Falea participated at the conference and witnessed  their opposition against uranium mining.

GERE DAN    documentary film Capture d’écran (78)

” Gere dan ” (pronounced ” Gueré dan”) in Jalonke language of Mali, Western Africa. ( “Pour le combat suprême”, “For The Supreme Fight”) 50 min, Mali, Africa, 2014, French with English subtitle.

Synopsis :

Africa has a prolonged history of uranium mining due to its colonial legacy. Today the uranium industry claims to instead provide jobs for the poorest people on earth. But is this the truth?
This documentary dives into the perspective of the tiny village Falea in Mali, which has a substantial uranium concentration in the ground.

Shri Prakash writes:
 Unfortunately I was not able to arrange resources for further edit of the film and to buy the right of music. Also I am not happy with the structure of the film so I am still trying to reedit the film. And try to get some money to make French version of the film.

Do not hesitate to help our friend Shri Prakash: prakash.shri[at]

For the 21 villages of FALEA

A documentary film produced by ARAFCF/ASFA21  – the citizens initiative of Falea, Mali.  9’45 », english sub titles.

This film has been presented during 4 days (June 2013) in the European Parliament in Bruxelles.